Wild Salmon's Nutrition

Wild Salmon's Nutrition

In Alaska, 5 kinds of salmon could be found in the Pacific Ocean. Their fleshes are usually tougher than general fishers because of they swim the ocean thru whole life, by eating all kinds of small fish, algae and shellfish. The clean ocean water and healthy foods let them to be tremendous of fish kind in term of nutrition, especially OMEGA-3 rich.

Fats contained in wild salmon are different from red meats or the bred salmons. OMEGA-3 generally calls ˇ±Fish Oilˇ±, it is rich in wild born fishes only, and especially those eat algae for food.

OMEGA-3 can clean up human body's blood vein, deduce cholesterol and other matters that cause the cardiopathy diseases.

In the report from Harvard University, OMEGA-3 can helps a lot of cardiopathy patients getting well, and recommend having the Alaska Salmon for food to prevent the related diseases.

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